RNPTo3DPDF – is a plug-in for Renga BIM software system that enables users to create 3D PDF files from Renga projects. Creating a PDF file is easy and straightforward – just invoke Export to 3D PDF command. The resultant file can be then viewed in Acrobat Reader.

Using the preset views you can view the object from different angles.

Another convenient functionality is the ability to turn on/off visualization of specific objects in the model, as well as the ability to switch between visualization styles.

Built-in Acrobat Reader tool allows making arbitrary sections of the object.

RNPTo3DPDF supports Renga Architecture and Renga Structure, and is available in Russian and English.

Samples of export to 3D PDF – to view them, download the free Acrobat Reader:

Note: RNPTo3DPDF requires Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4. You could download it and install by next link.